Frequently Asked Questions


Is your venue available on the required date?

The venue is open all year round for weddings.

Is your venue easy to find?

We are located off the A49 trunk road on the A417. Our postcode(HR6 0PN) brings SATNAV users right to the main gates. See our How to Find Us page

Is your venue licensed to carry out Civil Weddings?

Yes it is, and unusually there are six different areas that can be used including an authentic mediaeval Chapel and an Outdoor Courtyard. The size of the party may determine which rooms can be used.

If you hold a licence for Civil Ceremonies, what authority do you come under and what are the contact details for the registrar?

We come under Herefordshire Council who can be reached on 01432 383261. or by email:

Will ours be the only wedding at your venue on our wedding day?

Yes - we only offer exclusive use of the Castle.

How many people can you accommodate for the Ceremony?

We are licensed to hold a maximum of 110 persons in our largest room for the ceremony.

How many car parking spaces are available?

Up to 200 spaces to include 'evening only' guests.

Do you allow confetti to be thrown at the venue?

We encourage it - if it's ours! We can sometimes supply confetti from our organically managed gardens, so depending on the season there may be rose petals or dried hops. These are biodegradable and help preserve our appearance for future clients.

Do you allow candles to be lit in the reception room?

Sadly we are advised not to light candles or tea lights in the building.

Do you allow professional fireworks at your venue?

We do, and we know some excellent firms that will put on magical displays.

Do you have landing permission should we want a helicopter to whisk us away after our day?

We can make all the arrangements including supplying the transport.


Do you offer the option of a marquee?

Yes we do - a marquee can be necessary to facilitate a larger party, and we have the best contacts depending on your specific requirements. This does increase the costs.

Are there separate rooms provided for the wedding, reception, meal, evening reception etc..

Yes - every wedding is individually planned to make the most of the Castle and its various rooms.

Is there a room provided for the use of “bride and groom” for the day?

Yes there is, without additional charge.

Is there a dressing room that the bride and bridesmaids can use prior to the ceremony?

Yes there is, without additional charge.

When can we have access to begin setting up the room in terms of decorating it?

Between 4pm and 6pm the evening before the wedding you are welcome to come in and add your own finishing touches to the ballroom.

If the evening reception is being held in a room that is being used for something else in the daytime, do you require the DJ/Band to set up their equipment beforehand?

This would be a very rare situation.

Is there an area that could be used as a crèche if needed?

Yes, and we also have recommended, CRB checked, childminders we can recommend to booked couples.

Is there a quieter area for older guests to get away from the noise of a band/DJ?

Yes, and set out with comfortable sofas and armchairs it becomes a popular chill area not exclusively for the seniors!

If rooms are available for overnight accommodation, how many?

There are 24 bedrooms available.

What are the costs for overnight accommodation?

£180 per room on the night of the wedding.

Is breakfast included?


What is the checkout time the following day?


Do you have a room where you are able to store wedding presents until you are able to collect them, and are you insured for any loss or damage to these presents?

We are happy to undertake storage for these items, but the couple must insure them separately as our insurance will not cover them, as they are not our property.


Do you insist on doing all the catering?

We do - this is one of the most important aspects of the day and we only use trusted firms that know the venue, and that will maintain the reputation for excellence. Depending on the style of cuisine, we will appoint the most appropriate supplier. Upon menu selection, a complimentary food tasting will form part of your planning process.

Can you supply examples of suggested menus along with prices?

We can, and indeed every menu is discussed at length to ensure the perfect harmony between menu, budget and guest enjoyment.

Do you include a cake stand and knife if required?

We offer a ceremonial sword for cake cutting if required. We can supply either a square or a round cake stand however given the varying styles of cake the cake maker may prefer to supply the stand that they feel is perfect for their creation.

Do you have a preferred order of service (when and where do we cut the cake)?

We plan the order of service around your requirements and vision of a perfect day, not the other way around. We've cut cakes before the meal, after the meal, before the speeches, after the speeches, and even on the dancefloor to name but a few!

What time do you offer an alcohol licence until?

This is usually determined by the start time, so it's not set in stone.

What time do you insist the reception finishes by?

Again, no pre-set curfew, as every party has its own needs.

Do you insist on supplying the wine and champagne?

No, although we have an excellent selection from our range of hand picked suppliers which are tried and tested, and offer excellent value as they are sold to you on a retail basis.

If we are able to supply the wine, what do you charge for corkage?

All wines are subject to a flat rate corkage of £12.00 per bottle, incluing vat, to cover the provision of glassware, wine pouring staff, table setting and so on. This transparent pricing enables us not to have to mark up wines on a percentage basis (which would cost you more) and to offer the best service at table.

Can you recommend a company to supply our wedding cake?

Yes, although which company would depend on the style of cake you wanted.


Do you have a Public Address (PA) system that can be used for speeches?

Yes we do if required, however it is not usually necessary given the size and layout of our rooms.

What facilities are available if the weather is poor?

The beauty of having a gardens attraction is that we will ALWAYS have a wet weather plan in reserve, and this will have been run through fully as part of the planning process.

What photographic locations are there?

Unlimited and various. The gardens and Castle completed a multi million pound refurbishment only a few years ago, and whether indoors or out, it is a photographer's dream location.

Do you supply or can you recommend a DJ or Band?

We have a long list of suitable suppliers for every taste and budget.

Do you have details of local hotels for guests to stay?

There are a number of accommodation providers in the area and a good way to find out more about them is to go to the Visit Herefordshire website.

Do you have any arrangements with local cab companies that offer reasonable rates?

We have details of the local firms and encourage guests to book as early as possible. It is often easier to arrange a mini bus or big red bus to transport guests to / from the nearby towns.

Is there any entertainment provided during the void between the afternoon and evening (magician etc)?

Generally we avoid the void by having a seamless transition from one to the next and careful and appropriate timing considerations. If entertainment was required, we can arrange almost anything through our network of suppliers.

What decoration do you supply for the reception?

Usually none, as our brides want to create their own distinctive look. We do however offer bags of both enthusiasm - to get it done, and experience - to help you get it right.

If we begin to run late, how will your staff ensure we are still able to make the most of our big day?

PPPPP - perfect planning prevents poor performance. Our weddings run to time – always. Contingency plans are included at every stage of the day. Our commitment to perfect weddings is second to none.

Can you recommend a videographer?

Yes, and according to style and budget the most appropriate will be proposed.

Can you recommend a photographer?

Yes, again, this will vary according to the brief and budget.

Is it OK for the photographer / videographer to visit the venue beforehand to get an idea of what to expect on the day?

It's absolutely essential! Ask for a pre-wedding shoot as well to be included in your package, and then you'll get some fantastic photos as well - before and after. Quite often the pre-shoot will be in a different season to the wedding, and the contrasting backgrounds and colours will give spellbindingly different looks.

Can you recommend a company that can supply wedding cars?

Yes, from top marques to old classics. We also have access to excellent carriage suppliers if you prefer a horse powered entrance.

What facilities do you provide for a videographer?

As with all parties 'working' on the day, we go through their precise requirements in advance to ensure they have everything they need to do the very best job they can. It’s not a rehearsal.

Can you recommend a good florist?

Many and various - again depending on the style you are looking for.

Can you recommend a company who can supply favours?

We can - from quite simple to luxuriously intricate.

Can you recommend a company who supply decorative balloons?

We could, although you'd never forgive us if we did!